These are some of the projects we have been involved with over the last few years:

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Denholme is home to some unique stiles, which have been brought back from decay and now fully restored.

Unique Capstan Stiles repaired

The cricket club wanted a small garden to add colour and welcome visitors.This gas lamp and base have been restored and put back where they belong outside the Mechanics Institute. The base was provided 100 years ago by the Foster Family who once owned the mill in Denholme. This would have been destroyed as it had been dumped in the park and left to rot. The Youth cafe needed the space it took up, so we rescued it.The new Mechanics garden was created with better wheelchair access, railings designed to match the window and doors of the building and enhanced planting.

The original garden was small and bleak. Bradford Council used to plant it up with a few bedding plants then take them away just when they were looking at their best. This was because Deholme is 2c colder than the city 6 miles away and plants take longer to bloom, which didn't seem to fit in with their schedule.

New gardens and railings outside Mechanics Institute

New Cricket Club Garden to welcome visitors

Reinstatement of Gas Lamp outside Mechanics Institute

The local primary school desparately needed a new entrance, so funding was obtained through the DCA from Bradford Ward Investment Fund. The local Denholme Environment Group then designed and built it.

New entrance to Denholme Primary School

The St. Paul's garden was created by the Denholme Environment Group with funds from Denholme Town Council

St. Paulís Garden

The original park gates were taken away by Bradford Council many years ago for repairs and never returned. These gates are exact copies of the original and were replaced by the Denholme Environment Group.

New gates for Foster Park - manufactured to match the original gates that were stolen many years ago.

Refurbishment of the Mechanics Institute kitchen and Community Room

The deer symbol represents the time when Denholme was a deer park.